Vineyard Selections with Flare – Elite and Flight Club September Selections

The selections here come from our recent Spring and Summer wine tastings and visits with some under-the-radar wineries and winemakers. The results of those conversations? Three amazing wines in this wine club selection. We tasted a TON of wines and are quite pleased with the selections for this quarterly shipment. Enjoy the wines and thankContinue reading “Vineyard Selections with Flare – Elite and Flight Club September Selections”

Romantic Wine Pairings for the Holiday

Stumped for what to pair with your special evening’s meal? Our sommelier trained staff has the following selections for your special meal while cooking at home. First, we selected a range of wines from our collection of boutique wineries in California and paired them with meals that match the quality of these wines. We hopeContinue reading “Romantic Wine Pairings for the Holiday”

Wine Country is open, are you ready?

Finally… and we mean finally. As a group that tends to spend most of the time behind a computer and connecting with family, friends, and peers in the wine industry, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other in person. Zoom, Facetime, Teams, whichever your vice for the next family social hour, loggingContinue reading “Wine Country is open, are you ready?”

Why Start a Wine Club?

Simply, the consumers, and some of my closest friends, asked me to. With years of experience, there was a need that had to be met. One thing consistent with any current online subscription, you have fatigue set in quickly. We as consumers spend hours researching, gathering more data and experiencing new things. Then, FOMO setsContinue reading “Why Start a Wine Club?”