Celebrate the Little Things

As we wrap up the first year of our wine clubs, we’re here to showcase a selection of wines from Northern California. This year alone, we have highlighted boutique wine producers, new winery projects from family owned wineries and wine entrepreneurs. Each of the wines we can proudly say we’ve tasted with the owners, metContinue reading “Celebrate the Little Things”

December Flight and Elite Wine Selections

December Flight Club 3 Bottles of Wine | 3 Red Wines | One Bottle of Each December Elite Club 6 Bottles of Wine | 6 Red Wines | Two Bottles of Each 2016 Talisman Wines Wildcat Mountain Vineyard, Sonoma CountyPinot Noir Russian River Valley, Sonoma CountyWinery Price: $70Winemaker pedigree Mary Edwards, Calera, MacRostie Talisman isContinue reading “December Flight and Elite Wine Selections”

A Collection of Rare Wines with Outstanding Pedigree

We absolutely love this time of the year.  The Napa Valley will soon fill with wafts of harvest and another vintage will soon become world class wine. We also release a selection of wines that are near ready to drink this fall with friends and family.   This shipment highlights winemakers who have incredible pedigree and vineyardsContinue reading “A Collection of Rare Wines with Outstanding Pedigree”

Want the Perfect, Custom Wine Gift?

Stop what you’re doing, grab a glass of wine and check this out. We’ve collaborated with ColtreKicks and made one of the most unique wine gifts. Forget corkscrews, wooden boxes or sparkling t-shirts with gimmicky phrases. We have something much better for you that will even be customized to match your unique style. We’re talkingContinue reading “Want the Perfect, Custom Wine Gift?”

June Featured Wines

Preview our wine club releases. Learn more about our upcoming wine club shipment and the wines featured in this release!

In one shipment, we feature winemakers who worked with some of the world’s greatest wines; Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Ovid, Dalle Valle, Screaming Eagle, and Joseph Phelps. Simply incredible! Now just decided if you want one, or two, bottles from each of the wines below.

Wine Country is open, are you ready?

Finally… and we mean finally. As a group that tends to spend most of the time behind a computer and connecting with family, friends, and peers in the wine industry, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other in person. Zoom, Facetime, Teams, whichever your vice for the next family social hour, loggingContinue reading “Wine Country is open, are you ready?”

Why Start a Wine Club?

Simply, the consumers, and some of my closest friends, asked me to. With years of experience, there was a need that had to be met. One thing consistent with any current online subscription, you have fatigue set in quickly. We as consumers spend hours researching, gathering more data and experiencing new things. Then, FOMO setsContinue reading “Why Start a Wine Club?”