John Trant, Founder – savvy wine enthusiast, sports buff, and generally easy to get along with.

There is a time and place for everything. Wine belongs in there, too.

After spending years working for other wine companies, both large and small, I found myself constantly picking up the phone, booking tasting events and finding the next educational event to host on the road. Airports became familiar. Wine Dinner events went well after the plates were cleared. Sharing tasting notes, advising on what’s new and conversations became more frequent with clients. And the people who make up those events were always what left a smile on my face when returning on a 5am flight home.

Today, Top Flight Wine Club, the mission and energy hasn’t changed. Go see the people, share the great wines, and talk over a bottle (or two), all while introducing new consumers to phenomenal wines. Why did you start a wine club when other retail options are available? Because the people asked me to and life’s too short to drink the bad stuff.

See you at the next event. Enjoy the wines.

June Featured Wines

Preview our wine club releases. Learn more about our upcoming wine club shipment and the wines featured in this release!

In one shipment, we feature winemakers who worked with some of the world’s greatest wines; Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Ovid, Dalle Valle, Screaming Eagle, and Joseph Phelps. Simply incredible! Now just decided if you want one, or two, bottles from each of the wines below.

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