Want the Perfect, Custom Wine Gift?

Stop what you’re doing, grab a glass of wine and check this out. We’ve collaborated with ColtreKicks and made one of the most unique wine gifts. Forget corkscrews, wooden boxes or sparkling t-shirts with gimmicky phrases. We have something much better for you that will even be customized to match your unique style.

We’re talking about a custom, wine themed, Nike Air Force 1. These shoes are inspired by the bottles of wine they are intended to pair with. Shop the wines here.

*The images above are examples of the shoes and wines, these are subject to change.

Each month, we will release two limited selection sets; 24 “red sneakers” and 12 “white sneakers”, inspired by Red and White Wine bottles. The shoes are limited, and so are the wines. We taste a variety of wines each month, then select just three bottles from the top producers (see examples on our partners page) in Napa and Sonoma. We then curate a custom set of wines to pair with the unique styling for each sneaker release.

The shoe design? It will showcase the characteristics of the wine; bold, tannic, earthy, dark fruit, red fruit, minerality, stone fruit, citrus, mint, herbs… we could go on. As we taste the wines, our team of professionally trained sommeliers, winemakers and wine enthusiasts make the notes, share them with the team at ColtreKicks and they begin to draft the expression on each pair.

Want to see a quick example of the process? Ok, so, check this video out.

The best part, you get a 30 minute consultation with the designer to add in personal elements to your pair. That’s right. You’ll have the ONLY pair on the planet. The wine notes will remain the same, with your personal flair.

Each month, on the 15th, we will release 36 (24 red, 12 white) Tickets to reserve your pair, add in the set of wines to go along with the shoes and you’re moments away from having the most talked about accessory at your next social event.

Visit our Online Shop to reserve your custom set of wines and we will place you in contact with ColtreKicks to get started! Best part is, your purchase of a wine set includes 20% off your custom pair of shoes!

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