Wine Country is open, are you ready?

Finally… and we mean finally. As a group that tends to spend most of the time behind a computer and connecting with family, friends, and peers in the wine industry, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other in person. Zoom, Facetime, Teams, whichever your vice for the next family social hour, logging in gets old quick. Thankfully, it looks like brighter skies are ahead and we will soon be able to get back how things were in 2019… maybe?

While preparing for our June shipment, we start by calling to check in with our winery partners and ask the simple question; what’s new? We hear a lot. Some want to chat. Others have an endearing glow in their voice with optimism, others are really chomping to get back to seeing guests and sharing stories over a bottle (or bottles) of wine. We can’t blame them. We are too.

Another round of phone calls we make throughout the week is with our hospitality partners. These are the smiling faces you’ll see when you visit the winery, hotel, restaurant and those who are picking you up before you embark on your daily excursion. These guys know their stuff and often send us recommendations of what wines we might want to feature in an upcoming shipment. You won’t believe how many texts we get throughout the season from a driver or hotel concierge who saying “have you tried this wine? You have to. Here’s the winemaker’s number.”

As you begin planning your next trip to wine country, give these guys a chance to show you around. They are great partners and always have the “next best” property to visit and really have the insider’s eye to wine country. They’ll offer you some suggestions, but the real art to their craft is they spend about 80% of their time listening to what you want to see and how you want your trip to go.

If we can suggest, here are a few of the companies we trust and have worked with for a decade while in other capacities in wine country.

Email to start the conversation or connect with either company directly and mention Top Flight sent you.

Ride with Paul

Paul is an industry veteran who knows Napa and Sonoma from years of touring. One day he took the challenge and opened his own business, starting as a one man show. He’s done well and has one commitment to his guests and always wants to share a story or two. Book a Ride

Napa Valley Chauffeur

We go way back here… and Marcus and his family are building a small empire in Northern California. Marcus is the one stop shop for Wine Country. His fleet of vehicles range from couples to group tours. He also offers photography services for the Big Day or Proposals. Book a Ride

Wine Tasting Driver

Here is someone who took a great consumer first approach to wine tour driving. They offer designated driver services and professional drivers in a more casual setting. They offer all types of services, and do it extremely well. Book a Ride

RAM Wine Country Tours

Private Wine Tours and Transportation throughout Napa Valley, Sonoma and Healdsburg. Connect with Reggie and he will be sure to lure you in with witty charm and is always offering to play some golf. Book a Ride

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