Why Start a Wine Club?

Simply, the consumers, and some of my closest friends, asked me to. With years of experience, there was a need that had to be met. One thing consistent with any current online subscription, you have fatigue set in quickly. We as consumers spend hours researching, gathering more data and experiencing new things.

Then, FOMO sets in. So you get another. Then another. And then another. Then, you look at your wallet, or your cellar, and find that you have too much of one thing and need to scale back. Myself included.

Top Flight Wine Club comes in to solve that issue for most consumers. My mission in creating this, and after years of hearing the same reason for cancelling a subscription, is to provide an exploration of a region before committing to one single subscription. My hope for you (and our winery partners) is that you love one wine and winery more than another, are inspired to visit them on site, and then end up joining their wine club as well. For me, that’s the goal. It isn’t to compete in the space, but it’s to enhance it. For consumers to discover it.

That said, I hope you enjoy this new adventure.


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